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cybercat2000 💾 28 days ago

Decided to buy a new laptop yesterday. Plans have changed, though: instead of a Thinkbook, I went with a Galaxy Book instead...

cybercat2000 🤔 32 days ago

Next week's gonna be BUSY...

cybercat2000 🤔 36 days ago

Debating buying a new laptop. Is it worth the extra $68 to go from a Ryzen 5 6600U to a Ryzen 7 6800U?

cybercat2000 🙂 41 days ago

After a long decision period, I'm gonna use Garuda as my main Linux distro. (With EndeavourOS and GeckoLinux Rolling as backups)

cybercat2000 🙂 45 days ago

OK, change of plans. Pasta won't be put in the oven, so no baked pasta.

cybercat2000 🙂 45 days ago

Hello, Status Cafe! About to make some baked pasta...