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Just a space cat who loves technology...


cybercat2000 🔥 492 days ago

A Discord server I frequent made a Google Doc where everyone tried to tell a story. Naturally, it got chaotic quick...

cybercat2000 💾 559 days ago

A bit of a weird weekend with computers. I upgraded one of them to an SSD! But I wiped a memory card trying to make a boot disk...

cybercat2000 😎 624 days ago

This week has been surprisingly good. Besides getting a lot of work done, I also came up with two new characters for a roleplay!

cybercat2000 💻 638 days ago

Urge to buy SSD for my laptop rising...

cybercat2000 😴 657 days ago

Ever have one of those days where you feel lazy and don't want to do anything? That's me right now

cybercat2000 ✅ 666 days ago

This is a surprise: I got an email saying I'm now in Cohost, and now I can post there! I'm cybercat2000 there, by the way

cybercat2000 💾 668 days ago

Trying OpenMandriva's technical preview of their ROME version on a spare computer. Printer's not working, though...

cybercat2000 🤔 679 days ago

Reflecting on my life so far and the future... where will my life go from there? There's an opportunity to start fresh...

cybercat2000 😭 680 days ago

Had to deal with a lot today. Not only was I busy at work, I had to deal with a friend leaving a Discord server I frequent!

cybercat2000 💾 711 days ago

Decided to buy a new laptop yesterday. Plans have changed, though: instead of a Thinkbook, I went with a Galaxy Book instead...

cybercat2000 🤔 716 days ago

Next week's gonna be BUSY...

cybercat2000 🤔 719 days ago

Debating buying a new laptop. Is it worth the extra $68 to go from a Ryzen 5 6600U to a Ryzen 7 6800U?

cybercat2000 🙂 725 days ago

After a long decision period, I'm gonna use Garuda as my main Linux distro. (With EndeavourOS and GeckoLinux Rolling as backups)

cybercat2000 🙂 728 days ago

OK, change of plans. Pasta won't be put in the oven, so no baked pasta.

cybercat2000 🙂 728 days ago

Hello, Status Cafe! About to make some baked pasta...