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Hi! These are just random things we feel like telling people.
Free Palestine.

nowhere in particular


cvni81 ✏️ 36 days ago

i just added a Ton of doodles to my website -w- and i feel like experimenting with my site again yipee

cvni81 ✏️ 47 days ago

ive been working on a dingus project involving Indo-European languages and stuff, might put it in the website :3 oh and free palestine.

cvni81 🐱 78 days ago

meow :3

cvni81 🙃 87 days ago

my jaw dislocated i think

cvni81 😛 90 days ago

our website actually has a bunch of stuff now great! also they STILL didnt fix the layout on the homepage whyyyyy

cvni81 ✅ 101 days ago

from the river to the sea, palestine will be free

cvni81 💀 111 days ago

hey uh can the devs fix the wonky layout PLEASE IT'S BEEN MONTHS NOW

cvni81 📺 112 days ago

its cool seeing be so active!

cvni81 📺 135 days ago

free palestine!

cvni81 😛 137 days ago

oops working on the website again

cvni81 💻 202 days ago

first time editing the website in a month no way

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