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Hi! These are just random things i feel like telling people. My main internet pass-time is watching videos, listening to music and spending an unhealthy amount of time on discord. I go by they/them. mi sona e toki pona, sina sona e toki pona la o toki tawa mi! You can chat with me through discord (@cvni81#4837) or look at my (always in construction) website for more info about me (because i suck at talking about myself)


cvni81 🥳 1 day ago

the power's back let's gooooo

cvni81 😶 2 days ago

gender is confusing

cvni81 💻 3 days ago

it's vertex not vertice

cvni81 🐱 3 days ago

feel like restructuring my entire site have a cat emoji for no reason :)

cvni81 🤩 4 days ago

i've been looking at a couple guestbook options, their sites are so oldschool i LOVE IT

cvni81 💻 4 days ago

wæb design is my passion

cvni81 😶 6 days ago

how do i add a visit counter to my site help

cvni81 🎶 6 days ago

just rediscovered tally hall let's goooooooooo

cvni81 😶 9 days ago

i've been working on my website for so loooooong i'm tireeeeeeed aaaaaaaaa

cvni81 😴 12 days ago

i'm so BORED omg

cvni81 🙃 16 days ago

i wanna make music so bad but i have no instruments gaaaaaaaahhhhhh

cvni81 🎶 16 days ago

Radiohead - House Of Cards

cvni81 🙃 17 days ago

sijelo mi li jaki pilin, ni li pona ala a

cvni81 ❤️ 19 days ago

love is not without time.

cvni81 🎶 20 days ago

Tame Impala is epic. Do not deny it.

cvni81 🎶 21 days ago

i'm playing on my keyboard for the first time in idk over 2 years my pinky hurts so much aaaaaa

cvni81 📖 23 days ago

tried learning spanish but got bored in like 3 minutes