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Hi! These are just random things feel like telling people.

nowhere in particular


cvni81 📺 1 day ago

free palestine!

cvni81 😛 3 days ago

oops working on the website again

cvni81 💻 68 days ago

first time editing the website in a month no way

cvni81 ✏️ 102 days ago

added a bunch of doodles to my website

cvni81 📚 104 days ago

i finished bell hooks' Writing Beyond Race! the first book i've ever read cover to cover actually :floshed:

cvni81 🙃 107 days ago

Learned about Ona Judge, a slave owned by George Washington that fled him and he did everything to recapture her, even evade laws *he made*

cvni81 💻 114 days ago

holy crap website redesign number 7??!?!1

cvni81 📚 116 days ago

go read bell hooks' Writing Beyond Race RIGHT NOW

cvni81 📚 118 days ago

reading bell hooks!

cvni81 💻 124 days ago

added a bookmarks thing with a bajillion sites and things ive found on the interwebs

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