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Hi! These are just random things i feel like telling people. Look at them if you want.


cvni81 🙃 4 days ago

ok nvm

cvni81 📱 4 days ago

i feel like websiting again

cvni81 🙂 47 days ago

i feel like changing my site design again

cvni81 💾 57 days ago

my website sneezed and accidentally unpublished itself, it's back now 👍

cvni81 🙃 58 days ago


cvni81 🥳 59 days ago

i'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

cvni81 🏂 61 days ago

you can use more than one css stylesheet at the same time no way??

cvni81 💻 61 days ago

woo more website designering

cvni81 💻 61 days ago

i'm done messing around with the page also seeing more people using this place is based

cvni81 🎱 61 days ago

thinking about changing my website again again again again

cvni81 🙃 62 days ago

there's an outage with github pages and actions woohoo

cvni81 🙂 63 days ago


cvni81 🍿 73 days ago

just got done changing the homepage for the 3rd time now, have some popcorn

cvni81 😎 76 days ago

oh wow there's a lot more people using now! neat

cvni81 😴 77 days ago

ok i think i'm done redesigning the site again i think maybe idk i think

cvni81 🤖 95 days ago

i kinda wanna redesign my site again aaaaaa

cvni81 🛹 98 days ago

getting obsessed with ontology and questioning the origin of everything, here's a skateboard

cvni81 🎶 104 days ago

currently overlistening to The Rip by Portishead

cvni81 💻 113 days ago

finally finished redesigning the website

cvni81 🎶 115 days ago

currently overlistening to Chico Buarque

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