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Hi! These are just random things i feel like telling people. Look at them if you'd like.


cvni81 💤 1 day ago

i've accidentally slept for too long and now i feel sleepy aaaa

cvni81 🤔 5 days ago

idk how many times i've said this, but gender is weird

cvni81 🎱 21 days ago

it's the tenth already?? jeez

cvni81 🎱 23 days ago

i've been mentally run over

cvni81 🙂 29 days ago

year's starting great!! /s /s /s /s /s /s /s /s

cvni81 🥳 30 days ago

it's 2023 now

cvni81 ⛳️ 31 days ago


cvni81 🥳 36 days ago

mery chrismas

cvni81 🤩 41 days ago

listening to Autobahn by Kraftwerk while on the road is awesome

cvni81 ✏️ 44 days ago

i want to draw but idk what to draw aaa

cvni81 ⛵ 48 days ago

we are moving pretty kinda soon, here's a sail boat

cvni81 ☕️ 52 days ago

slightly burned my hand while trying to make coffee oops

cvni81 📚 53 days ago

*owns several books but has "no time" to read them*

cvni81 🙃 57 days ago

oh boy i love not doing anything /s /s /s /s /s /s

cvni81 🙃 63 days ago

oops i donot know what to do with my website again

cvni81 🥳 66 days ago

i am free from school

cvni81 🙂 68 days ago

bla bla bla ⍩

cvni81 🎱 72 days ago

time is everything fuel

cvni81 💤 72 days ago

why am i so eepy

cvni81 🍞 74 days ago


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