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An unconventional Vtuber of good-bad taste. I like Vaporwave, bizarre art, retro tech, and horror movies. Currently in the process of "returning to old web".


cryngeisdead ☕️ 58 days ago

Sitting here, in the morning, being gloriously and devastatingly affected by a piece of art.

cryngeisdead 👽 86 days ago

Casting aside masks and getting weirder by the day~

cryngeisdead ☀️ 119 days ago

Been working on a new webcomic. Feels good.

cryngeisdead 😎 193 days ago

Updating some website stuff~

cryngeisdead 👀 256 days ago

Might fuk around and replay Hatoful Boyfriend later...

cryngeisdead 🌈 267 days ago

Almost finished with a comic for the first time in a couple years. Feels good! :3

cryngeisdead 🥺 305 days ago

Twitter got *meaner* while I was gone...

cryngeisdead 👽 384 days ago

Another day to wake up and make weird art

cryngeisdead 😴 393 days ago

Tired today. But working on website.

cryngeisdead 🐶 500 days ago

Feeling contemplative today...

cryngeisdead 🔥 510 days ago

Feeling particularly spicy today~

cryngeisdead 💡 515 days ago

Finally getting back to working on videos again~

cryngeisdead ☕️ 528 days ago

Working on many projects (as usual), ready to start November fresh! ✨