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✿ 100% LUCKY DAY


crayoncapsule ❤️ 139 days ago

A second dog has appeared!! TT^TT

crayoncapsule ✏️ 139 days ago

Concept: a diary shared w/The Moon.

crayoncapsule ❤️ 139 days ago

A dog just came up out of nowhere and said hi to me. I didn’t even have to ask. TT^TT

crayoncapsule 📱 147 days ago

Giving up the [sparkle] and [sparkling heart] emojis for 2024 and fully embracing the [tulip] to communicate all my good, warm feelings.

crayoncapsule 🥳 147 days ago

[10:05pm] Waiting for the bus. Fireworks are popping in the distance. Someone zipped by on an electric scooter and yelled, “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

crayoncapsule 🥰 149 days ago

Got a huuuge order of miniSUPER stickers delivered today. I can’t wait to decorate my tech and journal with them. ^^

crayoncapsule ✏️ 149 days ago

Concept: mouse holding a hammer.

crayoncapsule 🎶 156 days ago

This next song goes out to my imaginary dog friend, Doobert. I love you, Doobert.

crayoncapsule ✨ 157 days ago

I just know those stars are sittin’ high in the sky wearing Juicy Couture.

crayoncapsule ✏️ 157 days ago

Concept: bald man getting a blowout.

crayoncapsule ❄️ 158 days ago

There is something about the combination of freezing temperatures and a clear, blue sky that makes the air feel sooo fresh. [deep inhale]

crayoncapsule 🥱 158 days ago

They have BKE (Big Kirby Energy).

crayoncapsule ✏️ 158 days ago

Concept: industrial strength parasol.

crayoncapsule 🎮 159 days ago

What if there was a knockoff APE ESCAPE called ABE ESCAPE and it was Abraham Lincoln in one of those hamster balls.

crayoncapsule 💻 162 days ago

[virtual clouds on a PC monitor]

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