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Just a chill lil' guy(?), a former 2e(ASD) kid, now all I think about is philosophy and stuff. It's cool.


cornpop397 😱 1 day ago

CANT. *crcrcrcrcr...* HOLD. *crcrcrcrcr...* ON. *crcrcrcrcr...* MUCH. *crcrcrcrcr...* LONGER!!!!

cornpop397 🥰 5 days ago

I've been thinking a lot about what if my website were a person. I think they would be a good person.

cornpop397 💾 6 days ago

My laptop's display driver totally crashed, which REALLY TICKED ME OFF, but now it's back and working again, so it's cool.

cornpop397 🤔 8 days ago

Unsure about the new redesign... Still, I'm not doing anywhere.

cornpop397 👽 9 days ago


cornpop397 😶 9 days ago

sittin' inside, library, sadly, a lot of people, so im on edge. Coding some stuff into my site.

cornpop397 🌱 10 days ago

sittin' outside(surprising, I know.) just you know, chilling and such.

cornpop397 ❤️ 10 days ago

man, gregg from night in the woods is cuuuuuuuute, dude.

cornpop397 💡 13 days ago

Woke up, felt really inspired, filled with ideas and such. Yeah.

cornpop397 🌧️ 18 days ago

totally made a fool outta myself and cried last night, am fine now though, BACK TO MODING AN CODING!! :333

cornpop397 ✨ 22 days ago

i was feelin' a little sick, but im alr now, back to moding and coding!!

cornpop397 👽 26 days ago

I feel an EXTREME silliness washing over me.

cornpop397 💻 29 days ago

i feel like an orange

cornpop397 🥰 30 days ago

Sitting in the corner, playing my recorder.

cornpop397 💾 54 days ago

moding and coding, unfortunately, lazy modmaker, not exactly coding up to speed, nor moding.