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cor 🤩 1 day ago

Got a v12 yesterday at the gym! Very proud of myself

cor 🙂 12 days ago

finished a 800k word hanibal fic and the last chapter hasnt been posted... its been almost 8 years...

cor ❄️ 42 days ago

now tell me why it's snowing in may... least insane colorado weather event

cor 🥳 50 days ago

Fully recovered from being stabbed

cor ❤️ 56 days ago


cor 😇 61 days ago

me when my bf is literally 46 cm taller than me

cor 🤩 75 days ago

almost got stabbed again im actually going crazy 😍🥰

cor ❄️ 100 days ago

we got 4 ft of snow

cor 🥰 101 days ago

bruh i was downloading sims mods and i got a virus gonna kms

cor ❤️ 111 days ago

my grandmas so cool 94 still chugs vodka daily

cor 💀 119 days ago

Recovering from being stabbed! Going well

cor 🔥 125 days ago

i got STABBED sorry for not updating

cor 💀 131 days ago

im so fucking sick yall

cor 🙂 140 days ago

blizzarding! i love colorado rn

cor 🙂 141 days ago

redoing my notion havent had time 2 update

cor 🙂 147 days ago

i love my bf so much im going insane

cor 😭 154 days ago

back home in CO my parents sent me to sweden for like 3 months because im annoying. went to a goofy ass stock-show

cor 😛 155 days ago

school stuff going on so I haven't been able 2 update, anyways thank you to all the evil gays

cor 😎 163 days ago

im working on a graphics site right now, but will do some small updates here!

cor 😯 185 days ago

holy shit im alive

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