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colortraks 🤐 22 days ago

new mountain goats album is really really bad.

colortraks 💾 25 days ago

thinking i'll stick to np++ for my coding endeavors for now. im a simple man

colortraks 😓 25 days ago

nonono okay, my site looks fine in chromium. vscode preview is just broken

colortraks 😨 25 days ago


colortraks 😕 25 days ago

OKAY im trying out vscode now. its definitely sleeker i suppose..

colortraks 🤔 26 days ago

wondering if i should switch to vscode instead of np++ .....

colortraks 🥶 31 days ago

they should make heated computer mice for people with bad circulation

colortraks ❄️ 31 days ago

we hardly get autumn around here anymore

colortraks 😭 32 days ago

if you have a custom cursor i need you to make sure it's properly aligned....its so hard to navigate your site/profile otherwise.....

colortraks 😭 32 days ago

closer and closer to this year being over.....good riddance

colortraks 😯 33 days ago

oh!! does firefox support custom scrollbars now? i guess i havent really checked since 2018...

colortraks 🙃 34 days ago

there are so many south park tweens on spacehey....why.??

colortraks 🎨 35 days ago

redesigning my sona but i'm having trouble figuring out what all to do with him...

colortraks ❤️ 35 days ago

i love you bob evans microwave potatoes

colortraks 😭 37 days ago

its done. 19 hours straight of running the optimizer

colortraks 😭 37 days ago

THE OPTIMIZER IS STILL RUNNING. 514 out of 603 files. Help me

colortraks 🤐 37 days ago

have you ever tried to optimize a 2gb folder full of 5 years worth of art? well i have :) i've had the optimizer running for over 12 hours

colortraks 🎶 38 days ago

stroke 9 is such a good band. insanely underrated

colortraks 🙂 38 days ago

nevermind im so dumb i was updating the files in my local backup and not the live version *facepalm*

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