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colortraks 💔 7 days ago


colortraks 😡 10 days ago

did a firefox update break my beloved marquee tag.

colortraks 💜 15 days ago

happy mothers day :D

colortraks 💔 26 days ago

i really need things to turn around for me. and when they seem like theyre turning around they have to Actually turn around

colortraks 👽 51 days ago

btw my new job is so easyyyyyyyy

colortraks 🎶 57 days ago

one little slip deserves to be on an album that isnt the chicken little soundtrack.

colortraks 📱 58 days ago

whys everyone complaining about the new pokemon go avatar update LOL i saw someone call it woke

colortraks ✨ 60 days ago

i start my new job next week :D

colortraks 🙂 66 days ago

idk if ill ever make a native guestbook...i see people knocking them often but i dont really see the issue w/ using an external one

colortraks 💾 66 days ago

not entirely satisfied with the new layout but floats were clunky and very mean to me. need to find something to fill all that dead space..

colortraks 🥺 67 days ago

i neeeeeed to get this job bro

colortraks 🙂 67 days ago

i need to see if i can maybe reorganize my website a bit. every page being in folders named index.html is possibly not my best idea

colortraks 🌈 71 days ago

my computer survived the ride to texas perfectly and ive made myself p comfortable now ! yayyy

colortraks 🌱 77 days ago

packing up is so strange.. still so hard to believe im moving 800 miles away from home.. ive never even left my hometown really

colortraks 💔 78 days ago

1 year without you. i miss you gram

colortraks 🌈 84 days ago

feeling weirdly positive today

colortraks 👽 97 days ago

don't feed the trolls

colortraks 🇵🇸 99 days ago

free palestine btw

colortraks 🌱 102 days ago

its decided i have to be living in oregon before im 25

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