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he/they. 19


colortraks ❄️ 10 days ago

i love how cold it is now. yay below freezing ^_^

colortraks ✅ 12 days ago

im so normal right now. i Promise

colortraks 🙂 14 days ago

i have freed myself from the allure of the table html tag

colortraks 🔥 38 days ago

soldering is SO SCARY. but i Need to learn how to do it

colortraks 😶 43 days ago

i Really gotta start working on my website again

colortraks 🎲 116 days ago

i love my dnd character :) also my gf is such a good dm

colortraks 😎 122 days ago

testosterone'd and hopefully i get to spend my day off awake lol

colortraks 🥳 124 days ago

testoserone tomorrow yay yipee

colortraks 😭 140 days ago

i hate working i wanna go home and think about my ocs. and not make content of them

colortraks 🤒 140 days ago

help i keep sneezing

colortraks 🎨 141 days ago

actually. screw the page update for now i need to work on artfight attacks

colortraks 👀 141 days ago

working on my page layout ! trying to add sidebars but np++ really hates showing them on the preview

colortraks 😶 142 days ago

putting on my customer service face

colortraks 😎 142 days ago

working on the website again before i have to go to work

colortraks ❤️ 142 days ago

helping my gf make her own website ^_^