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Sawyer | they/them | I love internet stuff <3


colorfulwonders 🤔 1 day ago

What if I made f2u zonelets stylesheets that anyone could use? Like how ppl kinda used to do on DeviantArt? Hmmmmmm...

colorfulwonders 🥳 4 days ago

Did a bunch of cleaning today. No other major responsibilities to do rn afaik. Now I can just relax and enjoy the rest of my weekend!

colorfulwonders 💻 5 days ago

I REALLY need to organize all the files on my PC. This is getting out of hand!

colorfulwonders ✨ 7 days ago

I have my job interview tomorrow morning, wish me luck! 🤞🍀

colorfulwonders 😛 11 days ago

Idea: Sitelen Pony. It's just like sitelen pona, but uses MLP characters instead of sitelen, and has a lot of "bronyspeak" circa 2012.

colorfulwonders 😡 11 days ago

I really wish ppl wouldn't drag drama/discourse from Twitter/TikTok onto Neocities. It misses the whole point of what Neocities is about!

colorfulwonders 😭 14 days ago

I wish people on social media weren't so hostile all the time. Not everything has to be an argument, ya know? It makes me very anxious.

colorfulwonders 🥳 16 days ago

Just got my account activated! Yippee!