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coldandghostly 🎨 12 days ago

been doing a bunch of these simple emotes lately. not for any reason, just cus their fast and easy to do when bored.

coldandghostly 🤖 14 days ago

optimising a bunch of my images, this is so tedious.

coldandghostly 🌈 15 days ago

Updated my gallery, non of that flakey flicker shit anymore.

coldandghostly 😭 15 days ago

I've uploaded my site to the internet archive. But most of my images are linked from post images and so didn't transfer T.T

coldandghostly 👀 15 days ago

Added some secret illegal links to the Epithet Shrine. Which you should not look for.

coldandghostly 🐱 16 days ago

Happy dungeon meshi day! We keep winning!

coldandghostly 🤖 18 days ago

My Flickr account seems to have exploded... and it's taken the gallery with it. I'll have to fix that later.

coldandghostly 🙂 22 days ago

Is youtube just adding these randomly without the creators permission?

coldandghostly 🤔 22 days ago

Watching a 5 year old YouTube video with random sections in it, a bunch of random videos have had these "chapters" lately.

coldandghostly 🥳 22 days ago

Added a bunch more shit to the Epithet Shrine, only yoomtah, zora and some misc to go.

coldandghostly 📰 23 days ago

Voted in my general election, now I'm a real adult

coldandghostly 🐱 23 days ago

Happy cat girl day dungeon meshi fans

coldandghostly ✨ 28 days ago

The first 6 chapters of the Epithet Erased audiobook is free on YouTube right now! Come join the premier!

coldandghostly ❤️ 29 days ago

I've hit the point where ironically I think the best way to get better at drawing Alcatraz is to draw any knight other than Alcatraz.

coldandghostly 📰 30 days ago

Booked tickets to the Black Country Museum this weekend, let's gooo!

coldandghostly 👀 30 days ago

I NEED someone to gif Shuro getting slapped.

coldandghostly 🍞 30 days ago

Laios have a normal conversation for 10 minutes challenge, happy Dungeon Meshi day!

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