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webmaster & sims2/sims4 addict.


cobyzaby 🌧️ 111 days ago

Updating Tempest!

cobyzaby 📖 162 days ago

been playing Iron Valley so much <3

cobyzaby 💻 167 days ago

learning python!

cobyzaby 👽 182 days ago

Strangetown is Gay and there's nothing you can do about it.

cobyzaby 🙃 188 days ago

The ironic thing is I absolutely can't stand caves

cobyzaby 🤖 190 days ago

Pretty much done with the site update, just have to do some theming with the text and some separate pages for some content.

cobyzaby 👽 191 days ago

Ahaha site update in progress

cobyzaby 💻 192 days ago

thinking about a site update? Unsure how much I'll actually do

cobyzaby 💻 193 days ago

textmode time textmode time

cobyzaby 🥳 198 days ago

oh my goodness cobyzaby.neocities is a month old!

cobyzaby 🤖 201 days ago

Doing so muchh pixel art

cobyzaby 🐱 208 days ago

No matter what, you can meow <3

cobyzaby 🤩 211 days ago

gives me autism every time!

cobyzaby 🥳 215 days ago

Added a *ton* of stuff to my blinkies page, including some custom blinkies!

cobyzaby 🌱 218 days ago

there is SO much stuff in things.

cobyzaby 👽 219 days ago

Out of this world!

cobyzaby ✨ 223 days ago

feeling silly!

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