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cobradile πŸ₯° 56 days ago

Someone emailed me saying they loved my game, and gave me a texture pack they made for free! That was awfully nice of them!

cobradile 🀩 93 days ago

Zoom Platform signed me on to publish my game on their platform and potentially release the game physically if it sells well! :D

cobradile πŸ₯³ 96 days ago

I applied to get a potential publisher to distribute my game physically. They accepted my application! We’re in the process of signing stuff

cobradile πŸ™‚ 103 days ago

Finally remembered the password to this site! Now to still not post here. :P

cobradile πŸ’Ύ 165 days ago

I've finally finished Operation: Pinkeye! Just gonna spend a day or so playtesting it and then submitting it for approval by Steam.

cobradile πŸ™‚ 179 days ago

I ordered a CRT monitor! I hope it arrives safely...

cobradile 🎁 184 days ago

Yesterday, I went to a Comic-Con with friends I haven't seen in about a decade. It was really nice seeing everyone again.