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cloveratelier 🥱 28 days ago

settling in, definitely still exhausted though

cloveratelier 😱 32 days ago

travelling for 7 hours tomorrow to catch my flight on thursday morning...

cloveratelier 😛 38 days ago

ive been watching switch1e's total drama roast series and its highkey making me want to rewatch the entire thing... i really like aleheather

cloveratelier 🏆 41 days ago

finished another page for my site, finally!!! might start on another one later today

cloveratelier 💤 42 days ago

accidentally mucked up my own sleep schedule again from working on my site. curse you css brain!

cloveratelier 😱 44 days ago

Nervous for my trip... going to sort out my Yunyu Kakunin-sho tonight and send it through!!