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yapper extraordinaire


cloveratelier 🔥 18 hours ago

went to uniqlo for new socks, left with a new ffxiv collab shirt (and socks, obviously, i'm responsible)

cloveratelier 🥱 2 days ago

so exhausted that my exhaustion has exhaustion....

cloveratelier 📚 18 days ago

spotify premium including audiobooks has saved my life and my ever-growing to-read list... <3

cloveratelier 😶 25 days ago

you know its that serious when even your counsellor is giving you homework...

cloveratelier 😭 36 days ago

going into full uni grindset mode...

cloveratelier 😴 45 days ago

so much stuff to watch and read, so little time...

cloveratelier 🥰 49 days ago

trip with a friend next week, and spent the whole night with someone i love

cloveratelier 🙂 50 days ago

planning a cheeky trip again right now

cloveratelier 🙃 51 days ago

friend decided to ditch plans we'd made tomorrow. another bad birthday again this year, whatever.

cloveratelier 😡 53 days ago

i don't get golden week off, unreal!

cloveratelier ❤️ 59 days ago

you will find someone who fills your heart so full and heavy that all you can do is give them half of it to keep safe

cloveratelier 😭 60 days ago

born to lay on someone's knee while holding their hands, forced to sleep before 2am

cloveratelier 🥰 62 days ago

gotta fix my sleep schedule, but all i can think about is a certain kind-hearted someone...

cloveratelier 😶 63 days ago

unfortunately beginning to realise a friend of mine isn't a good friend to me at all...

cloveratelier 🥰 64 days ago

if being a lovergirl was a job i would be the ceo of a company making more money than bezos

cloveratelier 🙃 73 days ago

and then i go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like "your behaviour is hurting me"

cloveratelier 🥰 78 days ago

chance meetings really are wonderful, aren't they?

cloveratelier 🥳 97 days ago

reaching levels of "so fucking back" i never thought were possible right now

cloveratelier 🤒 99 days ago

category five ouchie (blisters on feet from walking 15km every day for the last 3 days)

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