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in love with a phantom


cloud ❤️ 187 days ago

last night when i was crying she held me and hugged me even though i was sick, just because she cares about me and loves me. i love her too

cloud ✨ 221 days ago

when she smiles at me all the darkness in my heart just clears away

cloud ✨ 231 days ago

we held hands for such a long time today. it was so beautiful… i love her so much, i can’t wait for her to see what i have in store for her.

cloud ❤️ 252 days ago

she hugged me earlier and i just felt this unwavering sense of peace in my heart… it nearly brought me to tears

cloud 💤 257 days ago

any and all physical contact with her is like a drug

cloud ❄️ 258 days ago

listening to her talk at length makes me fall so deeply in love with her every time

cloud 🍏 274 days ago

she has no idea how obsessed i am with her