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unfinished bio, will finish it later
i have multiple interests besides sonic and d4dj is one of them

rika cards i own (eng/global server):
(last updated: 09/23/23)


classicsonicsuperfan 📰 56 days ago

just bought the new weekly famitsu magazine because it has classic sonic on the front cover, it'll be delivered soon!! :D

classicsonicsuperfan 💻 64 days ago

finally made a custom theme for my 3ds!! few things need to be fixed but besides that, it looks great!!

classicsonicsuperfan 🥹 72 days ago

finally bought the sonic superstars starting guide book and classic sonic mask after struggling for 3 hours, i can sleep peacefully tonight

classicsonicsuperfan 😶 87 days ago

i think the parcel delivery service stole my drawing tablet---

classicsonicsuperfan 💡 111 days ago

have a lot of ideas for the redesign of the diary page (this is surely because of my severe insomnia)

classicsonicsuperfan 📰 201 days ago

thinking about adding new buttons in the "my collection" page

classicsonicsuperfan 💻 207 days ago

trying to make a new secret page to be better at coding in css language

classicsonicsuperfan 💡 220 days ago

i should add a webamp player with songs of my character playlist in my website

classicsonicsuperfan 💻 221 days ago

thinking about rebuilding my website but i don't know if i should do this or not--