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hi! ♡ i'm clay. age: 25 pronouns: ♡ he/she/they ♡ sexuality: queer


claeiy 🤔 3 days ago

need 2 make a personal favicon but idk what to make it. a frog seems too obvious lol.

claeiy 🎶 9 days ago

feeling so much better now! still congested but feel good enough to sit at my computer and update the site again!

claeiy 🤒 14 days ago

been super sick the last couple of days so i haven't been able to work on the site at all. hopefully i can get back at it soon!

claeiy 😛 18 days ago

wanda slayed in dr. strange, as i knew she would.

claeiy 🥳 18 days ago

goin 2 see the new dr strange!! can't wait for wanda 2 slay.