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I'm jus tryna have a good time


cireuropa ✏️ 232 days ago

mi sona lili e toki pona. mi pilin pona! :>

cireuropa πŸ“– 235 days ago

Conlangs? Anyone?

cireuropa πŸ₯Ή 241 days ago

Whoever's in my guestbook are the nicest people, thank you so much! :>

cireuropa 🌈 242 days ago

Coming out to myself as trans, y’all will have to wait a bit.

cireuropa πŸ₯± 243 days ago

Yo, I just got back from a YouTube addiction relapse. What I miss?

cireuropa ✏️ 247 days ago

Learned inkscape 1 hour ago, tryna make somert half way decent.

cireuropa 🎢 251 days ago

Going through every playlist I know to add to the database, there's now 161 songz

cireuropa 🐱 255 days ago

Observing a cat and getting down on a cat’s level & interacting with it are two different states of mind. Same goes for people.

cireuropa πŸ€’ 257 days ago

I think I had a fever induced spiritual awakening

cireuropa πŸ”₯ 261 days ago

234 days of technological screen time meal replacement, luodingo.

cireuropa πŸ• 264 days ago

It's pi day, go make circles and other fun math things!

cireuropa 🎢 266 days ago

Currently, adding way more songs to da boomboxx

cireuropa 😢 267 days ago

Sometimes ya just lonely & feel bad. Remember to be there for yourself.

cireuropa 😎 270 days ago

I did an social.

cireuropa πŸ“Ί 271 days ago

Is beige called beige because it’s been-aged?

cireuropa 🎢 275 days ago

The boomboxx is coming... πŸ“»

cireuropa 🎢 282 days ago

mixing up some 'OUSE with a capital H

cireuropa 🎢 288 days ago

Making a music player, I think it might be the best thing I've ever made.

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