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I'm jus tryna have a good time


cireuropa 🎢 166 days ago

Gotta make a mashup but so many options!

cireuropa πŸ’» 172 days ago

The mixes page is finished but I gotta put some mixes on it… 🎧

cireuropa 🎢 181 days ago

get a CD walkman, that's an order

cireuropa πŸ₯Ή 185 days ago

This emoji doesn't display on mac ;:/

cireuropa 🎢 187 days ago

More Compact Discs!!!!!

cireuropa πŸ’» 189 days ago

*type* *type* *type*

cireuropa 😴 194 days ago

Sleepy day in... Gonna try make a mixes page

cireuropa πŸ€” 198 days ago

I really gotta make some mixes, maybe even re-do the layout of my website AGAIN!

cireuropa β˜€οΈ 201 days ago

Gender euphoria feels warm :)

cireuropa πŸ’” 202 days ago

Gender dysphoria kinda feels like heartbreak

cireuropa 😎 204 days ago

Gender affirming shirt :p

cireuropa 🀩 208 days ago

I bought an awesome shirt!

cireuropa 🌧️ 213 days ago

Why must I be limited by a physical form? Become mist

cireuropa πŸ’» 219 days ago

Typed from a standing desk

cireuropa 🎢 228 days ago

Pro-tip: If your bass doesn't feel cool enough, add another layer and make it barely audible. It probably does something.

cireuropa 🎲 229 days ago

How does one Dragaon & Dungeon?

cireuropa πŸ€– 232 days ago

Thinking about hashing algorithms.

cireuropa ✈️ 238 days ago

I’m about to go into a plane!!!

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