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໒꒰ྀི´ ˘ ` ꒱ྀིა

a cinnamon bunny 🌷

cinnamon roll

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cinnabun 🌈 38 days ago

ehm, im unsure if i'll keep updating here cus of how much i missed

cinnabun ☀️ 38 days ago

i luv watching the birdies

cinnabun 🐱 69 days ago

sunlight bathed my room in a gold glow; saw a kitty scuttling across cold snow hehe

cinnabun 🥰 69 days ago

the other day they visited nd gifted me a fresh baby rose 🌷 i framed the flower i pressed too ~

cinnabun 🧋 73 days ago

made my first matcha latte w a set~ ☁️🍵

cinnabun 🎶 78 days ago

just finished my spotify in a bottle :3 only two artists for all prompts cus i have 2 listen off platform ..

cinnabun 🐶 78 days ago

i dreamt of an affectionate doggy i gave lots of love 🥺💞

cinnabun 🌈 78 days ago

the other day i saw a bright, mint house and a baby blue car !

cinnabun 💡 81 days ago

omi, the logic of exposure is fun + makes logical sense bt my head is spinning trying to absorb it all at once *^*

cinnabun 🌈 83 days ago

i did the photos :D

cinnabun 🌱 85 days ago

pressed a flower that passed away! 🌸

cinnabun ❄️ 88 days ago

little pawprints recorded within a soft snow. iridescent jewels glimmer at every angle !

cinnabun 🌱 91 days ago

taking care of the flowers everyday brings me light 🥺🌷

cinnabun 🌈 91 days ago

i got my first dlsr 4 school todayy :3

cinnabun 🌙 92 days ago

the sunset sky was a canvas i wanted to follow to the end of the earth 🦋

cinnabun 🌈 92 days ago

pastel blue mugs, pink kettle, blue cooker, white cooker, pink tea set, floral china, former mint teapot ~

cinnabun ❄️ 92 days ago

the other day, the snow sparkled in the light & even had a pink aura !

cinnabun ✨ 92 days ago

i finished everything at 2:22 ^-^

cinnabun 🫖 98 days ago

i received my beloved gift,, and a new kettle for tea + foods too 💖

cinnabun 🧋 98 days ago

'2day' i found/got flowers & precious things 💕 + bubble tea!!

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