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໒꒰ྀི´ ˘ ` ꒱ྀིა

a cinnamon bunny 🌷

cinnamon roll

୨ৎ msg me ♡𝅄


cinnabun 🌈 4 hours ago

i reread a bunny book and now i feel inspired ♡ᕱ⑅ᕱ

cinnabun 🎨 8 hours ago

erm, so it appears my 'best' art is made when i m listening to my fave musicians 🥺💕

cinnabun 🌙 8 hours ago

i dreamed of a moon so pretty it filled the sky w a mesmerising luminescence

cinnabun 🧋 1 day ago

a teddy bear dining at the table for evening tea 🧸🍫

cinnabun 🎨 2 days ago

finished 6 paintings today !! playing my fave music helped me push through 2 the end ~ >o<🩷

cinnabun 🎶 4 days ago

花の様に 棘の様に。。。💐

cinnabun 🎶 4 days ago


cinnabun 🎶 5 days ago

gimme all the 9goats albums pls 🤲🏻

cinnabun 🧋 5 days ago

i want to make soft, vegan sugar cookies, hm. right now im having a green tea / matcha blend.

cinnabun 🥹 5 days ago

hyfocus on dressing up for over 6~7 hours straight. one outfit.. i love fashion; i wish i had the time n money irl, among other things. ;^;

cinnabun 💻 6 days ago

finished setting up a new browser that suits my aesthetic & workflow better. is more healing ~

cinnabun ✨ 7 days ago

m always in tune with 1:11 🤭

cinnabun 🧋 8 days ago

want sweet boba tea rn 🥺

cinnabun 🎶 8 days ago

one day i wish to play like uta & syu 🩷

cinnabun 🌈 8 days ago

dancing while preparing preparing dinner is the best !! i want to assimilate w my music ,, (๑> <๑)~♪

cinnabun ☀️ 8 days ago

yesterday: the sun's soft, diffused touch spreads warmth across me, blending into a comforting bath of peace, j'adore ♡

cinnabun 💔 8 days ago

i became emotionally 'attached' to an intangible, animal-shaped piece of litter within 5 mins . . (っ◞ ◟c)

cinnabun 🥺 9 days ago

teary eyes 😣

cinnabun 🌈 10 days ago

pastel houses are da prettiest 💖

cinnabun 🌱 11 days ago

had 2 hold myself back from cherry blossom scented items. it was synthetic anywho,, i'll save the fragrance for my natural perfumes. 🤭🌸

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