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i'm sam!
i like web design & playing games.

sometimes i draw.

my links



a recreation of my fav pkmn fansite from childhood.


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cicadalog 🌧️ 36 days ago

where is the sun!!

cicadalog 🎶 40 days ago

rock lobster always goes so hard

cicadalog 🌈 105 days ago

happy valentine's day ^-^/

cicadalog 🎨 112 days ago

drawing is hard @ _ @

cicadalog 🤔 125 days ago

my brownies turned out dry and crumbly ^^; still tasty though

cicadalog 🌱 127 days ago

my flowergame plants finally sprouted! yay

cicadalog ❄️ 128 days ago

it snowed so much today wowee

cicadalog 😶 129 days ago

stayed up until 6am again...i am a fool

cicadalog 💻 130 days ago

there's so many things i want to cram into my site..

cicadalog 😯 131 days ago

omg tegaki e still exists

cicadalog 🤔 131 days ago

i should play video game

cicadalog ☕️ 133 days ago

finally a good cup of coffee T-T

cicadalog 😱 134 days ago

woke up really late today >_<

cicadalog 😶 134 days ago

i should stop staying up until 6am

cicadalog 🎮 135 days ago

currently obsessed with vintage story