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cibo 🎶 129 days ago

omg an album i've been waiting to be released for forever got put on bandcamp for FREEEEE

cibo 🙂 130 days ago

finally about done moving omg. freedom

cibo 🤖 140 days ago

in the process of moving X_X i'm a lil over it ngl

cibo 🤖 166 days ago

i was luck enough to get a grundos cafe invite so thats like all i've been doing instead of any amount of working on the site lol

cibo 🌈 177 days ago

been getting back into neopets and having fun with that again

cibo 🤩 184 days ago

a bunch of new perfume samples i ordered came in so i'll add them to my collection list as i try them out!

cibo 📱 185 days ago

i rly should invest in a mat to play ddr at home so i can try and grind out stuff i can just-barely clear so i don't fail at the arcade

cibo 🎱 199 days ago

picked up a cool stone-cut die, doubt it works well as a die but making it a 2024 thing to keep it in my pocket as a lucky charm

cibo 🎶 214 days ago

everybody gangsta until theme of laura comes on

cibo 🔥 221 days ago

finally beat alan wake 2 and oh my godddddddddd. "it's not a loop, it's a spiral."

cibo 🌈 229 days ago

happy spotify wrapped day to those who celebrate (me)

cibo ✨ 243 days ago

i won't claim to understand html+css at all but it is always cool when i can do things i used to struggle with. flexbox gang

cibo 🌧️ 245 days ago

not a fan of this time of year but loving the weather

cibo 🎮 272 days ago

on the umineko ep2 reread grind

cibo 📖 281 days ago

been reading gasoline by gregory corso! rly good

cibo ☕️ 285 days ago

bagel + cream cheese + smoked salmon = god's gift to the world

cibo ✨ 287 days ago

stop making sense was sooo fun. david byrne in the big suit what will he do

cibo 😴 311 days ago

love ddr but i am seeing arrows every time i close my eyes now

cibo 🔥 322 days ago

finished pathologic classic YIPEEEEEEEEEE

cibo 🌧️ 329 days ago

oops it's pathologic classic hd time again

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