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king of being bad at html + css.
24, they/he.


cibo 😴 16 days ago

love ddr but i am seeing arrows every time i close my eyes now

cibo 🔥 26 days ago

finished pathologic classic YIPEEEEEEEEEE

cibo 🌧️ 34 days ago

oops it's pathologic classic hd time again

cibo ❤️ 47 days ago

building out my music library in musicbee :D it's everything i liked about itunes but soo much better in every way

cibo 🙂 52 days ago

finally 'made' (aka used a million overlay layers and posterized it) the center splash image :] happy w it so far

cibo 😱 60 days ago

i know i said lobcorp isn't going so bad but i lied i've had to use the memory repo a bunch and i'm still only on day 16

cibo 🙂 62 days ago

ok lobcorp isn't so bad so far (is playing with like 6 mods to make it easier)(is on day 16)

cibo 💀 67 days ago

excited to play lobcorp but not excited to feel like i'm getting a lobotomy (real)

cibo ✨ 76 days ago

finally feel like i'm starting to get a handle on css + html

cibo 🤖 79 days ago

happy seventh of juLie goodby 2007 hello 2008!!!!!!!