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✿ pp ✿ they/them ✿


churupan 🥰 27 days ago

i love u ichiban kasuga

churupan 😭 42 days ago

new type of stomach ache every other day yay

churupan ☀️ 44 days ago

can you believe it? like a dragon 8 infinite wealth! just a week away!

churupan 🤐 45 days ago

all i do is look at backgrounds

churupan 🙂 45 days ago

they should let me sleep more

churupan 🤖 52 days ago

god game has scrambled by brain for like the past 5 hours

churupan 🤒 54 days ago

if i was a girl’s stomach i’d never hurt her

churupan 🤒 59 days ago

ao dai shopping NOW bcs i forgot to for the past 3 months -_-

churupan 🙂 60 days ago

bought a few books randomly, id like to try reading again

churupan ✏️ 60 days ago

idgaf year of the dragon doesnt start till feb i need to draw a dragon so cutey

churupan 🥳 62 days ago

cleaned my bathroom and bedroom also i found a white hair

churupan 🎶 63 days ago

listen to pas de deux to force a cry. for fun of course

churupan ✏️ 65 days ago

thinking so hard

churupan 🐶 65 days ago

who wants to tell me to buy a plush 🫢

churupan 🤒 67 days ago

miss my ocs …..

churupan 🤖 68 days ago

my head a hasnt been feeling right lately

churupan 🤔 69 days ago

i may be stupid

churupan ☀️ 71 days ago

i wish i could be outside for the sunshower but im stuck inside for work

churupan 🙂 71 days ago

new owen plush im so mad

churupan 🤐 72 days ago

cannot allow myself too indulge in bjd lest i fall into the trap of buying supplies i dont need

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