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chris ⛵ 115 days ago

professional web surfer, beginner real-life surfer

chris 🙂 131 days ago

i want to revamp the site's design

chris 💾 159 days ago

updating the css of the page a little bit

chris 🥹 168 days ago

omg i'm going to edinburgh in january with my friends 😭😭 i can't believe it!

chris 🌙 235 days ago

listening to the foo fighters helps to heal the soul

chris ☕️ 240 days ago

learning that pumpkin spice actually doesn't have pumpkin 👍

chris 💻 262 days ago

checking out some neocities websites :)

chris 📰 274 days ago

reading the yesterweb magazine

chris 🌧️ 275 days ago

i hate overthinking