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chr0notrigger 🌙 4 days ago

you just know i am listening to eclipse by kim lip today on repeat (illegally)

chr0notrigger 🙂 9 days ago

i need the weather to be nice...IMMEDIATELY

chr0notrigger 🥹 27 days ago

Just had a dream about the girl I had a crush on since third grade, like girl she goes to Princeton now just give up

chr0notrigger ☕️ 47 days ago

happy twin peaks day to all who celebrate

chr0notrigger 🌈 51 days ago

kinda going through some ffvii brainrot rn... AERTI TRUTHERS RISE!

chr0notrigger ❤️ 60 days ago

can't stop thinking about faith and buffy AGAIN

chr0notrigger 😱 65 days ago

i think i just saw this girl i knew from middle school an im kinda freaking out. she was like the coolest person to me back then

chr0notrigger 💔 66 days ago

thinking about rei asaka right now

chr0notrigger 🎶 76 days ago

cant believe there is a new sunny day real estate song

chr0notrigger 📖 81 days ago

new semester...seems pretty chill

chr0notrigger 💔 83 days ago

rip mary weiss i wish u knew how much this 19 yr old lesbian loves u

chr0notrigger ❄️ 83 days ago

it snowed yesterday and man was it relaxing

chr0notrigger 🙃 92 days ago

i hate being a perfectionist i can never get anything done

chr0notrigger 👀 94 days ago

been anxiously waiting for a call from my college for 3 hours...

chr0notrigger 🌈 102 days ago

i hope this will be a great year for us all!

chr0notrigger 😭 104 days ago

kinda thinking of revamping the whole site. also im using my new headphones!

chr0notrigger 📺 114 days ago

ive been in such a buffy kick this week maybe ill actually finish watching angel....

chr0notrigger ❤️ 116 days ago

finished all my work for this semester and reading faith/buffy fanfic so life is good rn

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