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sonic / zack / mafuyu
they/them + neos
adhd ocd dyslexia
a small bunny with pink hood on the internet!

read my carrd!


chowolattou 🎤 17 days ago

i passed the radical highway level in sonic world!!! finally omg

chowolattou 🌧️ 22 days ago

have i ever told u how much i love my beloved? i love them so much theyre so perfect eee!!!!

chowolattou 🌧️ 25 days ago

playing vrchat alone... i miss my partner

chowolattou 🌧️ 34 days ago

hjhgse sleepy but im not going to sleep or nap !!!

chowolattou 🌧️ 47 days ago

drawing with a mouse sure is hard lol

chowolattou 🌧️ 53 days ago

its been a while hi i feel awful

chowolattou 🌧️ 68 days ago

heheheh sonadow memories <3333 i miss him hh

chowolattou 🌧️ 74 days ago

ive been drawing ! though i lost motivations a lot but i still like to draw.

chowolattou 🌧️ 100 days ago

i hate how i relate to a certain character who has lost her true self man

chowolattou 🌧️ 129 days ago

hello people ₍⑅ᐢ..ᐢ₎

chowolattou 🌧️ 129 days ago

vry sleepie and it is midnight ,, still wont sleep though