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i think a normal amount (not)


chipism 😶 21 days ago

i had to let you go. it was better if i did. so i can destroy my own heart for real.

chipism 🙂 53 days ago

you look so adorable so endearing at the beginning of february. i wish it lasted forever. i wish i could hold hands with you. and hug and st

chipism 🙃 59 days ago

why do children have to lose everything to gain something? that's unfair. so cruel of life.

chipism 😴 60 days ago

posting every day is so hard... like i'm so forgetful and time pass by so quickly and for what

chipism 🤐 64 days ago


chipism 😯 67 days ago

my hands were cold and you held it. i wish i could stop thinking about it but i wished it lasted it longer and

chipism ☕️ 71 days ago

read and drink coffee at noon and the sun comes out of the clouds just for me? as you should!

chipism 📖 74 days ago

been writing poetry and hopefully i can work toward a project i always wanted to do!!!

chipism 😶 77 days ago

i'm trying not to love you anymore but it's the only thing we talk about

chipism 🙃 84 days ago

i wanna talk to my friends about love because i'm having so much stress over it but i'm afraid of bringing bad memories to them..

chipism 🌧️ 84 days ago

it's raining but i can't look at you anymore

chipism 🤔 89 days ago

should i pre game or nah

chipism ✨ 90 days ago

so excited this week!! gonna meet with friends i've haven't seen in so long

chipism 😭 94 days ago

why is love so painful but i keep thinking about it? i don't get it

chipism 🎁 94 days ago

happy holiday!! or christmas!!! whichever it is, i hope you have a good day!!!!!!!!!

chipism 📚 121 days ago

yay starbuck solo study day!! hopefully i can work on my poems, finish a chapter or two on my independent study and stuff!!

chipism 🥰 131 days ago

went perfume shopping with my friend!! very fun! i miss using flowerbomb...

chipism 📰 141 days ago

at the library and it's nice to see people voting

chipism 📰 141 days ago

at the library and it's nice to see people voting

chipism ✏️ 142 days ago

im bout to write bangers (of pain)

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