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chione 📺 1 day ago

tinnitus and visual snow nights

chione ✏️ 1 day ago

will join matrix and guilded soon~ so lazy recently

chione ✈️ 1 day ago

Ship of Theseus... mmmhh

chione 🤖 11 days ago

all u want is for me to work 24/7

chione ☀️ 12 days ago

spring cleaning

chione 💤 19 days ago

planning on adding themes to the website using sccs.. going to take a long while

chione 🌙 19 days ago

as a adult i'm happy i survived my school years ~~ these days are a blessing compared to that ~~

chione 😭 21 days ago

why is finding a good tumblr theme so hard aarrrgguuuaiawhoihhehuuueweeeu

chione ❄️ 23 days ago

if there were no books and anime, if they all disappeared.. what on earth would happen to introverts and shut-ins

chione ❄️ 24 days ago

damn, my head no brain, it's really itchy

chione ❄️ 27 days ago

soo noisy >_> hard to focus ... welp ;;

chione ❄️ 32 days ago


chione ❄️ 33 days ago

raised by a culture that only lives online

chione ❄️ 50 days ago

denpa days

chione ❄️ 50 days ago

i want to jump into those shallow eyes

chione ❄️ 51 days ago


chione ❄️ 51 days ago

this is name is somewhat of a anacronym.... たぶん

chione ❄️ 59 days ago

pai pai pai ^pai~

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