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commissioned from rain 13mo :)


chimera šŸ˜Ž 1 day ago


chimera šŸ™‚ 25 days ago

You have to kill someone

chimera šŸ˜Ž 75 days ago

sorry for the long gap in updates, life has kind of hit the shit for me the past month.

chimera šŸ’¤ 113 days ago

how do you get back into the swing of things after something like that...

chimera ā¤ļø 130 days ago

meeting my best friend irl for the first time EVER after 5 YEARS on saturday I'LL THROW UP

chimera šŸ¶ 135 days ago

got no business being up this early

chimera šŸ¤ 144 days ago

achievement get made my therapist cry

chimera šŸŒ™ 147 days ago

closure is crazy and weird

chimera ā˜€ļø 148 days ago

can change it !!!!!!!!!!

chimera šŸ™‚ 154 days ago

someone left an injured mud turtle in our mailbox knowing that we look after the animals... it survived the night and is free to go!

chimera ā„ļø 164 days ago

everything is so much all the time

chimera šŸ’¤ 168 days ago

shout out to status cafe for helping me remember what i did last. found my wallet had been out in a puddle on the road for days since then,

chimera šŸ™‚ 172 days ago

going to see mario movie with pals :3 i want to code but neocities is so slow lately T.T

chimera šŸ™ƒ 178 days ago

pokewalker went through the wash got drug around and cut up and more worst day ever for real

chimera šŸ™‚ 179 days ago

Note to self: work on wishlist and scrapbook pages!

chimera šŸ’¤ 182 days ago

saved the images to work on a new page, but don't have time to code it before work! :<

chimera šŸ™‚ 182 days ago

i'm normal now it's fine guys

chimera šŸ™ƒ 184 days ago

i honestly feel like iā€™m going crazy

chimera šŸ¶ 188 days ago

going to start work on at least one page for fun today, hopefully it'll help with stress...

chimera šŸ„¹ 190 days ago

too stressed from work and time to do much coding lately, even though i have the ideas

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