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chimera 🐢 47 days ago

trying to make up the energy

chimera βœ… 54 days ago

don't recognize literally anything going on

chimera πŸ™‚ 61 days ago

year of the dragon i fed myself for the first time in forever is it finally "ok"

chimera πŸ’€ 110 days ago

slow progress... is still progress...

chimera πŸ’” 121 days ago

pfq servers down blood everywhere eyes bloodshot

chimera πŸ’€ 132 days ago

brain replaced by pokefarm

chimera βœ… 133 days ago

hold on i figured it out. no motivation irl = 100% motivation online!

chimera 🐢 134 days ago

i'm normal. can i have all that motivation back ok

chimera 🐢 140 days ago

no meds for the past 2 days = was acting crazy but its ok

chimera πŸ“š 145 days ago

slept 12 hours. therapy tomorrow. #girl

chimera 🐢 146 days ago


chimera πŸ’€ 147 days ago

cleaned every room of the house except my room… and i still have to shower… so tired T^T

chimera ✏️ 150 days ago

completely redoing my index let's break some pages

chimera πŸ’€ 150 days ago

dogsitting this whole week and i'm already exhausted @.@

chimera 🐢 152 days ago

feeling like denji and not elaborating

chimera πŸ’€ 153 days ago

layout change done, but im tired tired tired

chimera πŸ”₯ 155 days ago

going to see saw X today #amanda

chimera 🐢 157 days ago

i want to redo my layout here sometime. reminder to self to do taht

chimera 🌈 158 days ago

be my bad boy be my man be my weekend lover but don't be my friend!!!!!!!!!!

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