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commissioned from rain 13mo :)


chimera πŸ™‚ 4 hours ago

Note to self: work on wishlist and scrapbook pages!

chimera πŸ’€ 2 days ago

saved the images to work on a new page, but don't have time to code it before work! :<

chimera πŸ™‚ 3 days ago

i'm normal now it's fine guys

chimera πŸ™ƒ 4 days ago

i honestly feel like i’m going crazy

chimera 🐢 8 days ago

going to start work on at least one page for fun today, hopefully it'll help with stress...

chimera πŸ₯Ή 10 days ago

too stressed from work and time to do much coding lately, even though i have the ideas

chimera 🐱 14 days ago

the only place hiring around me is the vet’s office. animal era?

chimera πŸ’€ 15 days ago

so tired... >_< long day... good or bad? tbd

chimera 😱 18 days ago

going to see scream with friends today 0.0

chimera 😢 20 days ago

up till 5 am coding when i meant to sleep ... 2 hours ago :") i have work...

chimera πŸ™ƒ 21 days ago

i hate disability so much

chimera 🌱 22 days ago

went to the plant store, i wish i was physically well enough to do that kind of work -.-;

chimera 🐢 25 days ago

saw a dog running around INSIDE the store at work. ok!

chimera πŸ₯Ί 26 days ago

i miss the marquee tag

chimera 🐢 27 days ago

new laptop new display ahhhh!!!

chimera ❀️ 29 days ago

therapy is so humiliating lmao

chimera ❄️ 30 days ago

scared >_< i really want to make a journal page bht im scared! but i have stuff to write!

chimera πŸ’‘ 31 days ago

now that that's done, i did my layout :) what do you think?

chimera πŸ’€ 31 days ago

having fun, but so tired... oh wait i forgot to take my meds!

chimera 🌈 37 days ago

it's fun to spend time together, but aren't you a little nervous?

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