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chimera 💀 2 days ago

it's so hard to keep up... but i'm trying...!!!

chimera 💤 13 days ago

not well enough for updates lately, sorry.

chimera 💤 21 days ago

no, too sore to work x.x

chimera ✏️ 21 days ago

starting to work on the pokewalker pages...

chimera 💤 26 days ago

i want to work on my pokefarm page... T.T

chimera 🐶 29 days ago

debugging never stops, never ends

chimera 🙃 30 days ago

can we please kill cloudflare

chimera 💤 36 days ago

too much i want to do x.x can't do it all...

chimera 😎 39 days ago

fibro awareness day... See me

chimera 😡 40 days ago


chimera 💔 47 days ago

yep. time for melodramatic fanart

chimera 😭 48 days ago

i think i have adhd i blacked out and downloaded 3gb of pokemon footage mid convo

chimera 💻 49 days ago

i'm working on converting old pages, so please excuse the bugs!

chimera 🙂 50 days ago

animal's den 3.0 is... tentatively... launched, i think

chimera 🥹 51 days ago

so much pain so stupid :'(

chimera 💔 52 days ago

can you believe i didn't even know templating languages were A Thing? until just now? hahahaha... help

chimera 💻 53 days ago

doing a layout rehaul to refresh all this ancient code >_< ugh, so scary!

chimera 🔥 54 days ago

she falin on my penis till i'm 'gon

chimera 🎁 61 days ago

happy birthday mother 3 :)

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