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chickenhammu ☀️ 33 days ago

hanging out with my best friend is genuinely the best part of my week!

chickenhammu 🤩 37 days ago

Getting my new studio set up today >:3

chickenhammu ❤️ 42 days ago

I’m going to a Zine fair this weekend!! So excited :D

chickenhammu 😶 42 days ago

it's one of those days where everything hurts! i am trying to learn not to take everything to heart but i'm still so sensitive :(

chickenhammu ❤️ 46 days ago

so happy to feel the spark to make art again!

chickenhammu ☕️ 49 days ago

there's something about chocolate milk that is just so renewing!

chickenhammu ✨ 50 days ago

off to work.. but at least i can doodle during slow times!

chickenhammu 🌮 50 days ago

i finally mastered a copycat crunchwrap supreme recipe!!!! god i love taco night

chickenhammu 🎨 51 days ago

it feels good to finally have a day off so i can make some art >:)

chickenhammu 🥳 51 days ago

finally it's time for some REST!!