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chdmcy πŸ’€ 15 hours ago

nintendo direct tomorrow we love katamari reroll or tomodachi life news pleeease

chdmcy πŸ’€ 1 day ago

i want my package to arrive !!

chdmcy πŸ’€ 6 days ago

first snow of the season!!

chdmcy πŸ’€ 7 days ago

sif eos.. end of an era

chdmcy πŸ’€ 9 days ago

brain mush

chdmcy πŸ’€ 13 days ago

nice rainy day

chdmcy πŸ’€ 17 days ago

newjeans don’t miss my gawd

chdmcy πŸ’€ 18 days ago

new kali uchis song so nice

chdmcy πŸ’€ 35 days ago

still coughing :/

chdmcy πŸ’€ 38 days ago

fever went down yaaay

chdmcy πŸ’€ 39 days ago

too sick to play the cinderace raid im sad

chdmcy πŸ’€ 40 days ago

suddenly feeling under the weather.. can never escape a winter cold