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chausiie ☀️ 13 days ago

made so much progress today :) im so proud of myself

chausiie 🧀 15 days ago

soooooo busy!!!! life is too much about work, and im going to be using that energy for myself!

chausiie 🌱 121 days ago

feeling renewed!

chausiie 🤐 180 days ago

skeletons from my past miss me and i wish they would just disappear

chausiie 🌈 182 days ago

its june!!!!

chausiie 📰 183 days ago

being there for my coworkers is important as a supervisor. the new manager is cruel to them so i reported his ass to HR. he makes me ill lol

chausiie ✨ 186 days ago

website is almost at a point where i'd label it 1.0!!

chausiie 🌱 187 days ago


chausiie 📰 189 days ago

every other day i fist fight html

chausiie 💤 193 days ago

late night headachesss

chausiie 🥱 196 days ago

finally got a day off, been working on my site the whole day. moving things from notion to here- keeping myself on track decently well

chausiie 🎬 201 days ago

just saw gotg3!! the guardians series never disappoints- peter quill continues to be my stupid idiot son

chausiie 🍾 202 days ago

enrolled back into college!!! excited to live out my future, just a little scared but thats okay

chausiie 🌱 203 days ago

tired as HELL doing 40hrs ..... on that grind....