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chaogarden πŸ§‹ 4 days ago

school camping trip is NOT for the weak

chaogarden 🌱 26 days ago

i am the union of ideals dark and benign, but ultimately built in the name of love

chaogarden 🌧️ 49 days ago

the moral of silver the hedgehog is that if you’re autistic enough you can destroy your enemies with your mind

chaogarden πŸŒ™ 52 days ago

all time ever does is pass and all i ever do is remember

chaogarden 🌱 55 days ago

seven years has gone so fast

chaogarden πŸŒ™ 56 days ago

i'm tired of wanting more, i think i'm finally worn.

chaogarden πŸ’€ 58 days ago

when you don't know who you are, you fuck around and find out