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chao 💤 7 days ago

twitter is the worst, just clout chasing misery

chao 💤 12 days ago

putting in so much time, effort, and money into something just for it to flop is soooo.. lol

chao 💤 17 days ago

really hoping this artist opens for commissions again soon 😭

chao 💤 18 days ago

(coding) things are happening

chao 💤 21 days ago

all that work just to flop.. nothing ever works out lol

chao 💤 28 days ago

artfight's theme is fun even if i'm not gonna join (way too busy) (team stardust btw)

chao 🌈 119 days ago

happy 20th anniversary to my fav game eva katamari damacyyy

chao 💤 128 days ago

in my can't draw a dam thing era

chao 💤 138 days ago

happy pokemon (z) day :D

chao 💤 143 days ago

rewatched the incredibles.. still peak

chao 💤 146 days ago

eating wild berry skittles

chao 💤 156 days ago

got my muji planner in the mail today yeeeee

chao 💤 170 days ago

love live.. it's so nozover

chao ❄️ 181 days ago

snow it's snowing!!

chao 💤 183 days ago

it's so wimdy rn

chao 💤 189 days ago

the amount of coding issues i'm having 💢💢

chao 💤 199 days ago

save me pikmin..

chao 🌧️ 212 days ago


chao 🌧️ 213 days ago

never not in my flop era omg

chao 💤 216 days ago

gotta finish the teal mask soon