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ceresaerie44 🙂 396 days ago

drinking planned for the night, exciting

ceresaerie44 😴 402 days ago

drank last night and now im eepy

ceresaerie44 🤔 405 days ago

i feel like i want to add so much to the site but i dont know what

ceresaerie44 👀 408 days ago

sufficiently recovered from my benny trip and ready to grab life by the dick and rawdog it

ceresaerie44 😱 409 days ago

i took 16 benadryl last night and i feel like death

ceresaerie44 😭 410 days ago

i have the most awful headache rn but at least its friday

ceresaerie44 💻 411 days ago

gonna hang out with friends here in a bit, but in the meantime im surfin da web

ceresaerie44 💻 411 days ago

coding through the night and racking my brain for some creativity