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japanese-english translator and webmaster yippee wahoo


cerealandchoccymilk 😶 86 days ago

apparently i have a research paper due in like 6 days that i didnt know about. what the hell

cerealandchoccymilk 💀 91 days ago

girl apparently my home internet was wacking shit up on my sites!!!! wtf!!!!!!

cerealandchoccymilk ☀️ 96 days ago

filegarden is back yippeee!!! also eclipse was awesome!!!!

cerealandchoccymilk 😯 100 days ago

is file garden down...... all my banners and art are gone rn :(

cerealandchoccymilk 💡 121 days ago

curse of nail lacquer never completely hardening lifted by stealing my mom's UV top coat and lamp!?!?

cerealandchoccymilk 🎶 141 days ago

vocaloid collection was so good!!! congrats to youman for 3rd place overall, and xaneiro for 2nd place in the rookie division!!!

cerealandchoccymilk 💤 162 days ago

can my blood pressure like. not be that low when i wake up. i'd like to actually get out of bed before 11 for once thx <3

cerealandchoccymilk 📖 166 days ago

accidentally submitted an exam before finishing.... immediately sent prof an email (+ sent the remaining answer) so fingers crossed!!!!

cerealandchoccymilk ❄️ 187 days ago

what do you mean its gonna be -20c on the first day of college. negative twenty degrees. huh

cerealandchoccymilk 💀 200 days ago

my dad accidentally called me by both of his sisters' names twice in a row lmfao

cerealandchoccymilk ✅ 205 days ago

objective completed!! befriend all my relatives' cats (4/4)

cerealandchoccymilk 🐱 207 days ago

current objective: befriend all my relatives' cats (2/4)

cerealandchoccymilk 🌈 216 days ago

going to write my communication final essay about the Kinou Nani Tabeta movie!! prof said he's excited to read it :)

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