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cepheus | he/him | 20s | UK
fan of yellow things, y2k nostalgia, sad cartoons & techno music. i have a blog where i write about stuff, practice coding & post poetry/other creations.
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cepheus 😱 130 days ago

got my master’s course interview today, wish me luck x

cepheus ✏️ 137 days ago

i really need to write a blog post for my site

cepheus 🥳 138 days ago

FINALLY got some damn inspiration for my site’s portfolio revamp

cepheus 😡 140 days ago

body dysmorphia i hate you so much!!!

cepheus 🎶 143 days ago

hungry for spotify wrapped atp

cepheus 🤒 144 days ago

really not ready for another week of work yet

cepheus 👽 145 days ago

still vibing from that new doctor who episode ngl

cepheus ❄️ 146 days ago

brrrr it’s cold out here. and by out here i mean indoors bc the heating hasn’t been on in the last 0.5 seconds

cepheus 🙂 410 days ago

applied for some jobs. now back to re-watching archer vice

cepheus ☕️ 412 days ago

out of milk but at least i also like black coffee!

cepheus 💀 544 days ago

OOPS guess i've been gone a while. i'm not dead though. also i saw rina sawayama recently & she was sooo good

cepheus ✨ 670 days ago

I actually love having keyboard clicks switched on so much

cepheus 🤒 670 days ago

i hate being hungover

cepheus ✨ 671 days ago

ready to get crunk (not really tho i'm too skint)

cepheus 👽 678 days ago

really obsessed with that dalle AI image generator lmao

cepheus 🍱 681 days ago

my diet is so bad atm :/

cepheus ✏️ 683 days ago

new blog post on my site if you’re interested

cepheus 😭 683 days ago

love to mooch my mum’s expensive conditioner lol

cepheus 🎨 683 days ago

hoping affinity designer goes on sale again soon so i don't have to shell out 50 for it lool

cepheus 🍺 683 days ago

raspberry vodka is so nicee

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