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censorine ❄️ 209 days ago

i'm coming closer to the flame not to burn, but to extinguish ♡

censorine ✈️ 213 days ago

ten thousand tissues

censorine 😡 215 days ago

creator of spam bots are sent to their own special hell where they all scream the same sentences at each other for eternity

censorine ❤️ 216 days ago

♡ war metal, lavender soap, peppermint oil, diffused eucalyptus, 80% humidity, two anointed black candles, charcoal, computer monitor

censorine ❤️ 218 days ago

it's so fascinating how younger people design their sites. you can really tell the differences between tech mediums. i love seeing time

censorine 👽 219 days ago

redesigned a lot of pages, it feels nice... i will be safe and secure in this aesthetic. i will not deviate from this category.

censorine 🔥 221 days ago

the perfect conformist made in a secret government lab >

censorine 😇 235 days ago

satanist webring

censorine 🎱 242 days ago

a site map is so intimidating to me because i'm scared of what i might find between the pages. some things are meant to remain hidden...

censorine 👽 245 days ago

holding back tears because apparently, my main page alone emits the amount of carbon that 18 trees absorb in a year. felony eco-criminal tbh

censorine 🎲 246 days ago

on a conformist's high, though i've been sober for years. my addiction to data stockpiling & css nitpicking is my digital substance abuse

censorine 🥺 247 days ago

in addition to divitus, i also have a phobia of times new roman, due to once having read a design influencer's opinion that it was the worst

censorine 💀 249 days ago

intrusive thought to just delete my entire site & return to scrolling for eternity, passive & invisible. having a website feels too alive

censorine ❤️ 250 days ago

to live now is to be with everything as it is now & since there is only now, it's the existence of everything right now that makes now exist

censorine 🤔 255 days ago

if the devil is in the details, it makes sense to overlook them, since it would be avoiding evil & pretending like it doesn't exist. . .

censorine 👀 258 days ago

lurking like i'm god

censorine 🎲 261 days ago

i'm redundant & obsolete? i know what it feels like to be a machine made to function with severe limitations & only for a short duration ♡

censorine 🤔 265 days ago

sometimes i'm really confused about whether or not something ugly is actually beautiful, or if something beautiful is actually ugly

censorine 🍏 266 days ago

staring at my website reminds me of staring at my selfies, though only slightly less demonic

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