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censorine 😢 16 days ago

Can I steal time from you, like do you mind if I make you my chronological vampirism victim ?

censorine 🌈 47 days ago

it's ok to let distorted versions of yourself exist in others minds. you're an ocean & people cannot help but see patterns in your waves xo

censorine πŸ‘€ 50 days ago

Sometimes when I type it's like one inhale, and if I stop typing, it's like I stop breathing. And I'm not ready for that...

censorine πŸ‘½ 54 days ago

new blog post being a petroleum conspiracy theorist: this time through the lens of fashion #oilcore...so thankful for my mind (for now!)β™‘XO

censorine 😴 57 days ago

omg. i just realized that even on the internet, they hate introverts

censorine πŸ”₯ 58 days ago

hermit isolation social disconnection mode.. unsure if i ought better to return to perfect housewife solitude πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‡ lmk... πŸ’—

censorine πŸ’‘ 61 days ago

The aesthetics of demoncy are often multiple "dark" elements juxtaposed together. For example, Ammit, the Egyptian devourer of the dead.

censorine 🌱 62 days ago

Earth is a giant oil producing factory & humans were made to extract and use it. We are worker ants in the oil hive. iLove Oil (& coal...)XO

censorine 🌧️ 82 days ago

it's so difficult to like something, even if it's easy to feel admiration

censorine πŸ˜‡ 86 days ago

i'm so ashamed of my obsession with garbage, petroleum & pollution... like wow sry u don't like the universe speaking thru me or whatever ?

censorine πŸ‘½ 90 days ago

sending love to everyone <3 xo

censorine πŸ€– 91 days ago

˗ˋˏ β™‘ ΛŽΛŠΛ— new webpage ! please enjoy the story ! ilysm πŸ—οΈΛšβ‚Šβ€§βΊΛ– https://censorine.com/inverted_earth.html Λ–βΊβ€§β‚ŠΛšπŸ­ xoxo πŸ‘½β‹†ο½‘Β°βœ©

censorine πŸ‘½ 94 days ago

βŠΉβœ§Λ–πŸ—οΈπŸ«€Hydrocarbon Priestess & Crude Oil (woman)PhilosopherπŸ—œοΈπŸ›’οΈβ‚Š ⊹

censorine πŸ™ƒ 96 days ago

⋆.ೃ࿔*:ο½₯ i've redesigned everything & all pages are finally available, i think i can live again now.. βŠΉβ‚Šο½‘κ•€Λšβ‚ŠβŠΉ maybe . . β™‘ xoxoxoxo πŸ’— βœ¦γƒ»

censorine 🐱 98 days ago

rounded corners are adapted to tablets and smartphones and give a slippery glistening feeling but sharp borders also have positive qualities

censorine πŸ“± 100 days ago

garbage girl in the landfill world

censorine πŸ’‘ 109 days ago

saw blades are looking to be sharpened in your area

censorine ❄️ 110 days ago

hiring new personal enemies. inquire within πŸ’—

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