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censorine 💡 22 hours ago

i need to be vibeless...

censorine ☀️ 2 days ago

i'm so scared when people are being nice to me but I LOVE IT SO MUCH ! i love it more than i love the fear ! i love YOU !!! xoxoxo

censorine 💀 7 days ago

the captcha asked me to sense my body and experience a human emotion and now i'm banned

censorine ❤️ 9 days ago

celebrating worldwide love by spending the day next to the waste & microplastic debris collection device that floats in the river

censorine ❤️ 11 days ago

please have the best day on my birthday, which is today. ilysm ily4ever xoxox

censorine ☀️ 13 days ago

we're together in the air because only there can nothing separate us

censorine 💀 15 days ago

major re-design! i am purified! all poison is medicine! #emotionalpainslut. Tysm 4 Most Forgettable Ant Award, but I must swallow the world.

censorine 🤩 46 days ago

ugly hot internet

censorine 👽 50 days ago

breaking my website because i'm bored of it

censorine 🔥 52 days ago

finally running out of potential to waste

censorine 🤔 67 days ago

i miss being internally motivated. it is now as if i cannot create unless it is to please and worship another. i don't want a self anymore

censorine 🎱 86 days ago

it's so offensive to be an object that feels. they don't want material to adore and worship their assembly lines and die cutting machines...

censorine 🙃 101 days ago

inverting the social order from the comfort of my own home

censorine 🔥 102 days ago

doing something today that is entirely dangerous, reckless, selfish, and most certainly evil... wish me luck!

censorine 😇 109 days ago

coming to earth like can anyone help me be more of an animal i only know how to be a god..

censorine 🐱 111 days ago

time to be productive, we get one week of depression inertia and now it's back to the grind of suffering (innocently)!!!!!!

censorine ❤️ 115 days ago

Evoking Satan from inside my computer

censorine 👽 116 days ago

i'm literally visiting earth from another dimension right now

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