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celestialoracle 🥹 192 days ago

this job is almooost over. amoooost over

celestialoracle ✨ 199 days ago

Eating my dinosaur nuggets with a fork because I'm an adult

celestialoracle 😭 204 days ago

day 23 in the chamber. still writers blocked

celestialoracle ✏️ 212 days ago

turns out writing double your daily goal will burn you the fuck out... who knew

celestialoracle 🎮 223 days ago

Osu is all consuming... must retain my daily writing goals...

celestialoracle 🎨 229 days ago

laying in bed kicking my legs like a schoolgirl while I read artbooks

celestialoracle 💻 230 days ago

Well, my homepage is finally usable. There's still a lot more work to be done, but I guess I can call it a version 1.0.

celestialoracle 🙃 235 days ago

I've given myself two weeks to get this chapter done. If there isn't a deadline I'll get nothing done at all.

celestialoracle ✏️ 246 days ago

Made good progress today! I should be proud of myself- and I am.

celestialoracle ❤️ 248 days ago

Big things are coming. I just know it. Good things, I hope.

celestialoracle 💀 253 days ago

Between classes, three whole 12 hour shifts, and my compulsion to play the sims for 14 hours straight... I have not gotten much art done.

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