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cdr0me ❤️ 32 days ago

imminent 24/7 gay sex yay (bf moving in soon)

cdr0me 😭 46 days ago

dads will turn anything and everything into an argument and then be like "i dont get why you're always so defensive all the time"

cdr0me 💀 49 days ago

crash course on x2 speed >>>

cdr0me 📖 61 days ago

told bf how "veil" is pronounced and he goes "nuh uh there's no A in that" WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'nuh uh'????

cdr0me 💀 68 days ago

"i wonder how much a hundred pounds of coins weighs?" - my dad, 2024

cdr0me 🤖 69 days ago

7am job interview in 3 days waughhhh

cdr0me ✨ 72 days ago


cdr0me 🤒 77 days ago

what the hell is wrong with my blood all of the time

cdr0me 💀 80 days ago

therapist having to pause session because his cat is fucking with his tax paperwork

cdr0me ✨ 80 days ago

making him earn me video game coins after i let him rail me <3 the true meanin of power bottom* (*-switch but eh)

cdr0me 🎁 85 days ago


cdr0me ❤️ 88 days ago

my bf= "what is an insect?"

cdr0me 🎶 90 days ago

i hate forgetting the names of video game soundtracks "uhh its the undertale one that goes doo doo doo doo"

cdr0me 😎 91 days ago

i learned how to mod my 3ds yay cool themes and games

cdr0me ❤️ 93 days ago

bf just described someone's height as "5 and a half and a quarter" and then said "5.5ft =5'5" ". i love dumb men

cdr0me ❤️ 94 days ago

getting home, stretching out, and listening to things in my body crack and pop for a solid minute straight

cdr0me 🔥 96 days ago

candle in my room has been burning for 17 hours straight... still going..... good for her....

cdr0me 😱 97 days ago

me when the chronic pain is chronic

cdr0me 😭 101 days ago

migraine migraine ow ow ow ow ow

cdr0me 🔥 103 days ago

teachin my silly boyfriend to code after 3 rounds

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