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cdr0me 🎤 10 hours ago

got clotheslined by a mic cord and kicked in the head, i love punk shows <3

cdr0me 💻 1 day ago

everything hurts OWW but i finished my homwork :3

cdr0me 🌙 4 days ago

top 0.001% of FOB listeners this year... 74k minutes... if you even care.....

cdr0me 😭 6 days ago

ew i dont WANNA go back to work after the long break :((

cdr0me 🥰 6 days ago

round 3 gay achieved

cdr0me 🔥 6 days ago

can i get uhhhhh round 3 gay sex today? we'll see!

cdr0me 🎶 8 days ago

just discovered celtic punk. wow <3

cdr0me 💤 8 days ago

3hr sleep last night woooo

cdr0me ⛵ 8 days ago

crab evolution

cdr0me 🌱 9 days ago

easy pain day so far yaaaayyy (knock on wood)

cdr0me 🍷 9 days ago

might delve back into the hannibal brainrot for funsies lol

cdr0me 💔 10 days ago

WAHHHH where is my bf i wanna play SDV how DARE he have 'family obligations'

cdr0me 😭 11 days ago


cdr0me 🥰 13 days ago

bats bats bats bats bats bats

cdr0me 🤩 14 days ago

mmmmmmmmm caffeine mmmmmmmmmm

cdr0me 💤 14 days ago

it is 5AM good morning america. should i take my sleep meds now to be guaranteed unconscious into the afternoon

cdr0me 🤐 15 days ago

love feeling trapped in my own home and like im constantly tiptoeing on a minefield of broken glass

cdr0me 🐱 15 days ago

oh it is not healthy to be a dnp fan with adult money in 2023

cdr0me 💤 15 days ago

so so sleeeeppyyy today. honk mi mi mi mi mi

cdr0me 🙂 17 days ago

finally got a charger for the used ipod i got, its been mostly wiped but theres still the old user's contacts and songs

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