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bug, he/him+... i love csh, hyperpop, folkpunk, html, and a whole lot more!

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cavitycollector 🧋 24 days ago

currently trying to reorganize and update my goddamn graphics collection...

cavitycollector 💀 29 days ago

therapist keeps tellin me to do shit for my amnesia and then i forget what he told me to do

cavitycollector ❄️ 38 days ago

friendships dropping like flies wish i never let them make a home here at all

cavitycollector 😭 40 days ago

i am begging webmasters to please add RSS feeds to their blogs i want to follow u but i CANTT

cavitycollector 🔥 42 days ago


cavitycollector 👽 47 days ago

$200 prescription thigh highs are WILD idk if being able to walk is worth allat

cavitycollector 🔥 78 days ago

blasting my way thru dimension 20 fantasy high s2

cavitycollector ☀️ 80 days ago

really feeling better after finally having a therapy session. maybe things will be ok.

cavitycollector 😭 89 days ago

minecraft save me. save me minecraft. minecraft. save m

cavitycollector 🙃 91 days ago

first persistent depressive disorder episode in 4 years whattuppppp

cavitycollector ☀️ 97 days ago

been playing mc with my family lately. its fun, im building a huge castle

cavitycollector ☀️ 101 days ago

worst depressive episode and no therapy appointments till april im gonna fucking ki

cavitycollector 💔 103 days ago

sorry yesterdays status was stupid ik exactly what im doing. im throwing it away like always.

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