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bug, he/him+... i love csh, hyperpop, folkpunk, html, and a whole lot more!

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cavitycollector 🙂 8 days ago

ok yesterday i was being dramatic but despite knowing i was overreacting i am still heavily upset

cavitycollector 👽 13 days ago

i need to get better at everything RIGHT NOW

cavitycollector 🌧️ 14 days ago

i have gotten out of bed once today. its 6pm.

cavitycollector 🤩 15 days ago

obsessed with the new 8485 EP also i have clinical depre

cavitycollector 🔥 17 days ago

im getting back on top of my shit, technically a bad thing but its making me feel great so idc

cavitycollector 🌧️ 19 days ago

i have barely left my bed the past week. i am rotting

cavitycollector 🌧️ 22 days ago

depressed again but it could be bcz i didnt take my meds this morning

cavitycollector 🌧️ 23 days ago

i really wish i knew how to write. i hate that everything comes out like a little kid wrote it.

cavitycollector 👽 23 days ago

i have succesfully forgotten about everything that was making me depressed lately so im fine again

cavitycollector 🙂 26 days ago

car seat headrest save me. save me car seat headrest. car seat headrest. save me.

cavitycollector 🙂 26 days ago

im so desperate i genuinely looked into shifting today just so i could trick myself into thinking i can go to a world where im not a dropout

cavitycollector 😶 28 days ago

dropping out of school actually has ruined my life. even my therapist admits i will never be on the same level as other people. i hate this.

cavitycollector 😭 31 days ago

153 scrobbles in one day and every single one of them was csh

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