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freaky gay guy make a website


catwyrm 🔥 3 days ago

2 weeks to anthrocon! i hope its not as hot then. also, working on fancy fursuit sprays. making patchouli + orange rn

catwyrm 🙂 11 days ago

ohh if only tumblr and all listed tumblr alternatives were good

catwyrm 💻 15 days ago

thinking about checking nekoweb out and seeing wtf everyones on about. catwyrm is staying on neocities do not fret tho

catwyrm 🐱 17 days ago

impulsively doing a bunch of misc edits and fixes on my fursuit before anthrocon

catwyrm 🐱 20 days ago

i will reread the iconic furry webcomics of my youth, those being Two Kinds and Slightly Damned. i have begun on slightly damned

catwyrm 📚 22 days ago

back from pride now i will browse tiktok or perhaps even read a book (on page 52 of Tau Zero)

catwyrm 🌈 22 days ago

fursuiting at pride 🦘🦘🦘🦘

catwyrm 🌈 23 days ago

prepping for the pride march tomorrow #gaypeople #transgenda

catwyrm 🙂 23 days ago

just got this account activated