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captaindrakken 🙃 312 days ago

i wish having a working right arrow key...

captaindrakken 💀 378 days ago

wtf. i thought neil gaiman wrote game of thrones all this time

captaindrakken 😶 381 days ago

i keep telling myself, "you should to bed earlier", but i never do

captaindrakken 🥰 390 days ago

my Peepy arrived today! what a funny little guy ❤️❤️❤️

captaindrakken 🥺 391 days ago

one of my guinea pigs: keeps dropping her snack ; me picking it up for her: you dropped this, queen

captaindrakken 💻 399 days ago

the wayback machine is SO useful i found some unlisted videos thanks to it

captaindrakken 💤 407 days ago

Going to bed at 1:30 AM is actually reasonable for me...

captaindrakken 🥳 407 days ago

Yay! My account finally got activated!