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i'm coyote or xalli [pronounced shawl-lee]. i’m a Disabled butch patlacheh leftist/anarchist from the southwestern US. primarily a writer & poet, zinester, and bassist.

pronouns: she/him and zie/hir

sites: spacehey, tumblr, mastodon, storygraph


canineical πŸ€’ 17 hours ago

jaw pain ☹️☹️☹️

canineical πŸ’€ 23 hours ago

everything is so tiring. school should be more chill

canineical 🍱 4 days ago

mmm fancy dinner tonight... tasty..

canineical πŸ’” 6 days ago

quiero practicar mi espaΓ±ol mas de lo que ya hago, pero es muy dificil

canineical 🌧️ 6 days ago

such a rainy day.. can't wait to read n practice bass at home

canineical πŸ“– 7 days ago

finished left hand of darkness ! at last

canineical πŸ’€ 8 days ago

i've been so sleepy. long birthday party knocked me Out. i love making music

canineical ✏️ 13 days ago

there is sm work to do and i once again wish i had eight arms like an octopus

canineical 🍞 16 days ago

so hungry.. but alas, i have a meeting

canineical πŸ«– 17 days ago

i want to do so many things but i am so sleepy..! might make tea

canineical 😴 18 days ago

so sleepy. want to read & write. i hate classes.

canineical ✏️ 20 days ago

i wish that you could do stuff like reading and writing simultaneously the way you can make art & listen to music at the same time, yk?

canineical πŸ“š 21 days ago

it's such whiplash to go from listening to go tell it on the mountain to giovanni's room. very very different styles

canineical πŸ’” 21 days ago

my teeth hurt.. the world is so mean

canineical 🌧️ 22 days ago

it's so rainy.. i should be in bed

canineical 😴 22 days ago

i'm so sleepy... classes need to not exist please!

canineical 🍞 24 days ago

i am so hungry... i am so restless... need to do things!

canineical 🎢 24 days ago

i loooove audiobooks !

canineical πŸ† 25 days ago

i feel so accomplished rn for real

canineical πŸ“– 26 days ago

hungry for the ability to read and process several books at the same time... need octopus arms & brains

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