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i'm coyote or xalli [pronounced shawl-lee]. iā€™m a Disabled butch patlacheh leftist/anarchist from the southwestern US. primarily a writer & poet, zinester, and bassist.

pronouns: she/him and zie/hir

sites: spacehey, tumblr, mastodon, storygraph


canineical šŸ’¤ 21 days ago

exhausted. forever.

canineical āœØ 36 days ago

revamping a few neocities pages :]

canineical ā˜€ļø 39 days ago

today has been better. is better. will be better. i'm feeling okay

canineical šŸŒ§ļø 40 days ago

wow, am i like. lonely?

canineical šŸ’¤ 50 days ago

burnout should fuck itself, actually

canineical šŸ 52 days ago

picnics my favs :] my girlfriend my fav :]

canineical šŸ§‹ 54 days ago

man this shit is Rough

canineical šŸŽ¶ 64 days ago

live music with trans people is beautiful & fueling

canineical šŸŗ 70 days ago

weird stomach gurgles... so bubbly feeling. dislike.

canineical āœļø 80 days ago

fuck standardized testing forever. evil, evil creation

canineical šŸ“š 81 days ago

deep cleaning & reorganizing is such a beautiful thing

canineical šŸ¶ 82 days ago

it's so exciting when books reference things you know. i feel like an excited puppy-- "i know that! i know that!!!"

canineical šŸ”„ 88 days ago

i hate acid reflux... or acid reflux hates me, really :[

canineical šŸŒ§ļø 92 days ago

my body hurts & i'm trying to be okay with it

canineical šŸŽ¶ 94 days ago

punk bands are so cool

canineical šŸŽ¤ 97 days ago

performing music is fucking awesome

canineical šŸŒ± 98 days ago

so sleepy & so fulfilled & so ready for what the world has to offer me

canineical šŸ“– 107 days ago

i so badly want to make academic essays with strict rubric grading & designated structures disappear

canineical šŸ§‹ 108 days ago

a kid RAN toward the crosswalk so he could cross the street before i could go... #failed my test bc of it but oh well ! i got boba out of it

canineical āœØ 108 days ago

blegh. driver's test later... wish me luck

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