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canariii πŸ€” 451 days ago

lowkey want a telfar bag and wallet

canariii 😢 454 days ago

having so many days off during the holidays spoiled me and now two days off isn’t enough for me anymore!!!

canariii πŸ‘½ 455 days ago

i went mia this week cuz all i did was work, play kenshi, and sleep zzzzzzz

canariii πŸ™ƒ 460 days ago

i went to frank n son today to try and find some star wars figures. i finally found hunter for a good price but someone got it before me lol

canariii πŸ₯Ί 461 days ago

finally accomplished my goal of completing clone wars. it took more than a year to watch, but the journey was worth it. s7 fucked me up LOL

canariii 🌱 461 days ago

i want to drink mango agua fresca all day, everyday

canariii 🌧️ 464 days ago

the post-holiday blues is hittin hard

canariii 🧐 466 days ago

time to watch glass onion

canariii ✨ 468 days ago

happy new year!!!

canariii 🌧️ 468 days ago

it’s been 2 years since my dad passed away. miss you popsicle

canariii 🌈 473 days ago

had some yummy mazemen for lunch and visited different cafes with a friend afterwards

canariii πŸ€– 474 days ago

taking a nap and drinking a large vanilla latte after 5 pm was not a good idea

canariii πŸ˜‡ 474 days ago

merry christmas!!!

canariii ✨ 475 days ago

my ratatouille and potato au gratin were a success

canariii 😭 475 days ago

first cooking injury of the day: cut by the mandolin while slicing potatoes

canariii πŸ˜‡ 476 days ago

going to Disneyland today!

canariii 🌈 478 days ago

i got off work early and got some old ferry donuts before they sold out for the day :)

canariii 🌧️ 479 days ago

it’s been one year since pearl passed away. miss my lil pup

canariii 😭 482 days ago

one of the outlets at my house almost caught fire

canariii 🌈 484 days ago

i tried persian food at my job’s holiday party and it was sooo good. i brought home a tray full of leftovers *__*

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