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canariii 🤐 5 hours ago

i have some work to do on my computer, but automatically opened mount and blade instead without realizing it

canariii 🥹 23 hours ago

finally starting clone wars season 7

canariii 🌈 1 day ago

i made banana pudding from scratch and it turned out sooo good

canariii 😴 3 days ago

i got to take home a lot of leftovers from our thanksgiving luncheon at work and ate so good for dinner that i knocked out immediately lmao

canariii 😶 4 days ago

ahhh i’m obsessed with mount and blade: prophecy of pendor again

canariii 😇 4 days ago

i have a two hr break at work so i get to hide in the break room for a bit and use the massage chair

canariii 😶 5 days ago

i brought my switch to play at work but it didn’t charge overnight and now it’s dead

canariii 🤐 6 days ago

i made the last minute decision to get pokemon violet instead of scarlet

canariii 🤖 9 days ago

huh how is this week almost over??? it was a blur

canariii 🌈 12 days ago

the biscoff chocolate bar is sooo good but really sweet! i could only eat a tiny piece of it o_o

canariii 🤖 13 days ago

hmmmmmm not looking forward to work this week lol

canariii 🐶 14 days ago

celebrated mocha’s birthday

canariii 🥺 15 days ago

i was not ready for black panther 2

canariii ✨ 15 days ago

i gave my first campus tour at work today and it went really well :^)

canariii 🌈 16 days ago

i need the japanla x rilakkuma jacket and bucket hat…!!!

canariii 🤖 17 days ago

mmmmmm i’m so tired. i can’t wait to go home and SLEEP.

canariii 😴 18 days ago

woke up cuz of the rain. i fell asleep as soon as i got home from work. it was my first day back and work whooped my butt

canariii 🌧️ 18 days ago

rainy day

canariii 🤖 19 days ago

i’m covid free…! but not free from the responsibilities of life :^( quarantine ends and i’ll go back to work soon

canariii 🥳 19 days ago

happy n7 day!

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