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caimluna 🌱 20 days ago

I got a tigers jaw crassula today. I decided to name them Crauss. Happy birthday / cinco de mayo crauss!

caimluna 🍱 24 days ago

Missing dinuguan rn…

caimluna 🎬 25 days ago

thanks to a horror magazine i bought , ive been getting into more old-school movies

caimluna 🍷 26 days ago

congrats to slayer from runescape!!! πŸ‘

caimluna 🎢 27 days ago

Hakushi Hasegawa your mind…

caimluna πŸ“– 30 days ago

splurged and got a horror magazine while I was at the cafe. my treat for today :3

caimluna πŸ’€ 30 days ago

ouuggh its so joever, we will never be back

caimluna πŸ’€ 31 days ago

I really gotta make a site…

caimluna πŸ™ƒ 32 days ago

why do I have to spend something to even go outside

caimluna πŸ’€ 32 days ago

I'm So Normal About ABA

caimluna πŸ“š 32 days ago

To the person who got House of Leaves, congrats and also good luck

caimluna πŸ”₯ 33 days ago

Summer is arriving soon… goodbye wourld…

caimluna 🎢 33 days ago

I really gotta get into the Kill The Past series after listening to a lot of Silver Case music.

caimluna ✏️ 33 days ago

I want to pick up nonograms again...

caimluna πŸ“š 33 days ago

I think there should be a separate sub-genre for "liminal space" horror specifically for House of Leaves.

caimluna πŸ’€ 33 days ago

testing... testing... testing... testing... testing