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just a silly ol' bear ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔ


bumblebear 🙃 24 days ago

listless and uninspired to do anything at all today

bumblebear 🥳 30 days ago

excited for the future o.o

bumblebear 👽 259 days ago

happy halloween! i'm too depressed to dress up but i am wearing my comfort saw shirt at least.

bumblebear 🌙 284 days ago

i forgot that status.cafe existed. it isn't love, it isn't hate, it's just indifference (so..yeah) 🎶

bumblebear 🎮 306 days ago

hopefully the dreamlight valley upd8 is good

bumblebear 😯 315 days ago

really wish i had more halloween sugar cookies

bumblebear 🎮 316 days ago

starfield is gr8 so far

bumblebear ☕️ 320 days ago

beating coffee talk 2 today

bumblebear 😡 321 days ago

trying to not let my fear and paranoia win

bumblebear 🤖 322 days ago

guess what i am not a robot

bumblebear 🌈 323 days ago

need more muppet lego sets plz lego i need labyrinth!!

bumblebear 😡 324 days ago

almost done building all my lego ://

bumblebear 😡 325 days ago

wake me up when august ends

bumblebear 🥱 326 days ago

can't wait for things to calm down irl

bumblebear 🐱 328 days ago

worried about one of my kitty cats, vet visit tomorrow.

bumblebear ✏️ 329 days ago

trying out omg.lol

bumblebear 🙂 331 days ago

only missing like 7 cookies now woo

bumblebear 👽 333 days ago

tired of weird nightmares

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