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she/they/fae — my greatest talent is that i love to create. (i make games and music and some other random things.)


bucketfish 🌈 410 days ago

toki pona li pona muteeee

bucketfish 🌙 439 days ago

i love people! i love people!

bucketfish 🌙 461 days ago

a break day after a very exciting week+ of daily events. and more next week!! exciting

bucketfish 🙂 474 days ago

cohost is so cute !!! (i'm at /bucketfish there too) i love everyone there so far :D it's so cozy

bucketfish 🥳 509 days ago

just finished a game for a game jam and i am soooo proud of it!!!! (it's called second interval) (best thing i've made this year)

bucketfish 🌈 532 days ago

updated my status.cafe page to be consistent with my website's css. it's a light feeling to look at css i made months ago and still like it!

bucketfish ✨ 533 days ago

new music obsession: golden hour by jvke. i think it's so tender.

bucketfish 🌙 539 days ago

september holidays! crocheting and studying and feeling my feelings. and it's raining ❤️

bucketfish 🥺 562 days ago

akjahkjHAJKHAKjkaajkh when i find a really cute site and then they are like "your website inspired this part of mine" oh my god oh my god

bucketfish 🌧️ 562 days ago

what does it mean what does it all mean ❤️

bucketfish 🌱 593 days ago

i want to sleep so bad

bucketfish ☕ 595 days ago

school is so hard! but i am finding things to work on. i'm catching up on work!

bucketfish ✨ 626 days ago

winning so hard at twenty right now

bucketfish 🍕 633 days ago

working on box arena again 🎉

bucketfish 🥳 636 days ago

website redesign done!!

bucketfish 🔥 636 days ago

working on website redesign!!!

bucketfish 🎨 640 days ago

almost june holidays almost june holidays. planning to redo my website soon

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