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D | They | 23

I can't bring myself to edit the HTML more than this honestly. Check out my website, I promise I know how to code.


bp119 💔 20 days ago

Day #2 since Cupid left: I still miss my husband, Tails. I miss him a lot.

bp119 💔 21 days ago

I miss my husband Tails. I miss him a lot.

bp119 ❤️ 26 days ago

Cupid has arrived! We just finished dinner and are now watching wrestling to wind down for the day!

bp119 💤 31 days ago

So sleepy after Lorcana Meet-Up. 4 more sleeps until Cupid visits. Yet my room is still not clean oops...

bp119 🍷 32 days ago

Cleaning my room and getting ready for a local Lorcana event. 4 more days til Cupid's visit!