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a frog with a pen shares what goes on in their life..


bowlofmisua 🤖 4 days ago

just received a spec package with 794 pages .. .. my boss asked me to go through it and downsize before sending to suppliers.. [explodes]

bowlofmisua 🌙 15 days ago

succeeded in recreating a dish of my late grandma's <3 happy easter everyone!

bowlofmisua 📺 24 days ago

just finished mustang (2015)... tears were shed

bowlofmisua 📖 33 days ago

just got done with an urgent task at work... onto finishing my book (or at least trying to)!

bowlofmisua 🎮 36 days ago

playing dnd... pc's crow brain triggered a fight that immediately nuked 2 party members before we even rolled initiative T_T

bowlofmisua 💤 38 days ago

i'm so sleepy... hoping there's not much work today so i can sleep (graveyard shift warrior here)