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queer translator. power-tools user.


books 😎 46 days ago

finally found a dragonball notebook with piccolo on the cover at a panamericana.

books 🌧️ 62 days ago

fourth rainy day in a row :) our turn for water rationing tomorrow :(

books 😭 79 days ago

my partner is gone for two weeks, and i am coping normally (i am lying on the couch watching <i>portrait of a lady on fire</i> and yearning)

books 😇 103 days ago

editing juiciosx

books 🌧️ 124 days ago

it's too hot here. i moved to the gray, rainy city for the gray and the rain.

books 🥹 145 days ago

so grateful to my cat whenever she likes something i buy her, like, no, thank YOU